Kinetic Attraction Review

Kinetic Attraction - A Fact Based Review

​Hi there, I bet you are here because you have heard about Adam Lyon's training program called Kinetic Attraction.  I am writing this review because I want to share my experience with anyone who is on the fence about the quality of this system.

​I went through all of the training and have to say it is fantastic.  While it took me two days to get through all of the videos, I was never bored or felt like there was to much information.  Check it out for yourself at the official site here...

​After watching all of training, I feel I am well positioned to provide an honest, authentic ​review.  And my thoughts are, it is an incredibly value packed training system and well worth checking out for any guy who wants to improve his success with women.

The methods that are taught are all cutting edge, and can not be found in any other training program.

What Is Kinetic Attraction?

The Kinetic Attraction Method is behind the scenes access to Adam Lyons private training event where he shared all of this tips, tricks and secrets with a small group of VIP customers who each were willing to pay $8,000 for his three day event.  Now you can get full, unlimited access for a mere fraction of the original cost.

While much of the program is focused on body language, it is really about how to effortlessly use body language to dramatically improve communication and sexual attraction.

Adam explains the science and biological necessity for women to use body language as the #1 indicator of sexual compatibility.

​While of course this should be about mastering your own body language, almost as important is being an expert at reading women's body language to understand where you are at in an interaction.

​And while the system is so much more than mastering body language, that is the main focus of the program.

​Who Is Kinetic Attraction For?

​Any guy who is looking to improve their success with women and dating.  It sounds simple, but this program is so comprehensive that it will dramatically improve any guys success.

Whether it is to get a threesome, leave a bar with two women, have two girlfriends at the same time, or even just have a single amazing woman in your life, this method will finally enable men to get exactly what they want... effortlessly.

What Do You Get With Kinetic Attraction?

​There are 7 main training module, each ​containing multiple training videos.

The Kinetic Attraction method covers the following topics:

Body Language Gets You Success - ​the body language that 99% of men ​don't know that unlocks her uncontrollable sexual instincts​.

Reading Body Language - how to unlock the extra 93% of attraction that most men never use.​

Signs Before You Speak - the trick to awaken her primal instincts and signal to her you are a sex god.Awaken ​

Get Out of the Friend Zone - ​the correct 
body language to instantly escape the dreaded friend zone.

In a Relationship - how to not only cheat proof any relations​hip, but also the secret having her initiate sex.

Sexual Escalation - ​the way to both setup and not get rejected when escalating sexually.​

Online Dating​ - how to pick up women using body language online

​Two Unannounced Bonuses That Cover
 - ​How to create and manage multiple relationships.
​ - ​The secret to picking up two women​

 - How to approach and pick up two girlfriends.
 - The method to leave and club with ​women.
​ - The holy trinity of ​threesomes and how to get them
​ - ​Ways to convert women who are teasers, into pleasers.

Access To The Body Language Academy​ - this training covers in depth all of the hidden secrets most men will never know about how to use body language as the ultimate seduction technique.​​​

There are multiple bonus modules, welcome bonuses and of course full access to his closed door training.  All of this is available for instant download, and once watched, the methods will become automatic.

What ​I Like About Kinetic Attraction

​Where do I start?  Everything about this program is simply amazing.

​​You get access to real world examples - he explains when to use the various methods.

​The live demonstrations show exactly how to implement each aspect of the training.

​The training explains both the science and biology ​behind the efficacy of the method.

What I Don't Like About Kinetic Attraction

​It does take a bit of dedication to watch all of the content (it took me about 2 days)

​With that said, if you are not willing to invest in yourself, maybe this program isn't for you.

​Conclusion: My Recommendation

​As you can tell, I am a huge fan of both Adam Lyons and also all of his training.  This program encapsulates everything I find admirable about him.

His magnetic personality, his captivating approach to teaching, and the literal gold nuggets of information and demonstrations in this training make it easy to give this my highest recommendation.

​I can say without hesitation this is probably the best investment a man can make if he is serious about improving his success with women.